Cedar Point: Coaster Heaven or Coaster Hype

I’m a quality over quantity guy so I’m not impressed with Cedar Point’s 16, count ’em, 16 coasters. More doesn’t impress me, better does. And living in Virginia, I’m not exactly a stone’s through from Sandusky, OH (an hour from Cleveland). So through the years as my coaster odyssey has continued I’ve conquered the parks nearer to me. But no matter how many great coasters I ride and parks I experience, when I tell some one that I’m a coaster enthusiast, the first thing they ask is: “Have you been to Cedar Point?” Like it’s the measure of a coaster geek or something. Well, if it is then stamp me Coaster Geek #13,495,944 as of May 13th. I plan to make my pilgrimage to the ‘Center of the Coaster Universe’ and see exactly how great it is.

Do I seem skeptical? I am. Thanks to the ‘Battle of Virgina’ where people argue that Paramount’s Kings Dominion with 13 coasters is better than Busch Gardens Williamsburg with 4 coasters. There’s not a doubt in my mind BGW or now BG Europe is a superior park, but that’s a topic for another day. Over the years Cedar Point has had nine world record breakers. Currently, Cedar Point’s signature coaster is Top Thrill Dragster. TTD is the second tallest coaster in the world that was just passed last year by Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. How tall is Top Thrill Dragster you ask? It only dwarfs the Statue of Liberty, the Capitol Building in D.C. and even Mount St. Helens. Okay, I was joking about the last one, but 400 plus feet (a 40 story building) is pretty intimidating. Even for this seasoned veteran. Are we going to need flight suits one day to ride the latest coasters? We’ll see in May if this park and it’s plethora of coasters stand up to The Coaster Critic’s scrutiny. Stay tuned.