My trip to Cedar Point was successful. I rode my 100th coaster (Millennium Force) and ten more while I was there. The weather was a factor as it hampered ride operations all day. In fact, Top Thrill Dragster didn’t run until about 3 in the afternoon. I’ll be adding a full trip report soon. I’ll also be reviewing the eleven new coasters that I’ve ridden.

Overall, Cedar Point is great and I can see why it got its reputation. Yes. They have the most coasters. Yes. They break world records. But after visiting I don’t find myself looking for a house in Sandusky. In a way, Cedar Point’s like other great parks. They have a few world-class coasters and a good to just average (albeit large) supporting cast of coasters. It ain’t like the park’s chocked full of classics and 10’s and 9’s. That’s how people make it seem. That’s all.

And I will admit that my opinion is based mostly on the coaster aspect. I do recognize that they have a great selection of flat rides and probably excel in park operations, cleanliness, etc. It’s a great park, but personally, I think the park is a bit overrated. But how could it not be with all the hype that it gets? Final Verdict: Mostly Coaster Hype, Not Really Coaster Heaven

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  1. Anonymous

    I didnt enjoy Cedar Point. I enjoyed the coasters I was able to ride, which was only 6. The problems started at the gate. The line was terribly long and I was told after waiting and paying that I couldn't enter the park because my T-shirt was offensive. It said "pissed off employee of the month" on it while a guy in fron of me had his pants down showing his boxers and had a patch that said "kill" on it but he was let through the gate. I had to go back to my hotel to get another shirt. Maybe that set the tone for me for the entire day because I was just plain pissed! It was 102 degrees that day and it also happened to be the last weekend before school opened there so the crowd was terrible. I cant blame this on tha park though. The queue times were 3-4 hours in the heat and the drink stations in the lines were 2.00 bucks a drink for a 12 oz. can. I do plan to go back but will pay closer attention to the times and dates this time, and wear only a plain t-shirt…lol! I get mad all over again thinking about that!

  2. dan

    I am confused by your opinion above, and it is obvious you must have an anti-cedar point stance. Anyone who complains about line lengths is just pure dumb. Its well known within the industry no one handles capacity like Cedar Point.

    The fact is, most parks are lucky to have 1 world class coaster, and Cedar Point has arguably 4-5, as well as what has silently become one of the world's premier flat ride collections. Name one park that has 3 world class coasters besides Cedar Point? You wont find one. The closest park is Holiday World, and -after those 3 coasters- there literally is nothing else.

    Final Say: Not Really Coaster Heaven? Not Really a Coaster Fan..

  3. The Coaster Critic

    Hi Dan. I was wondering where the Cedar Point fanboys were. I'm only calling you a fanboy because you made the statement: "Name one park that has 3 world class coasters besides Cedar Point?" I don't care if you love Cedar Point or dissagree with my opinion, but if you really think it's the only park with 3 world-class coasters you need to venture outside of the American Midwest. There's a big wide world out there. I promise.

    • Mike

      Man I think your summarization is spot on. The only thing I disagree with is that for me it is Coaster Heaven in the same way KD or BGE is coaster heaven. There are some really great coasters as you mentioned then a bunch of average coasters. To be honest every park I visit is coaster heaven. I haven't been to a park yet that didn't have at least 3 coasters I really liked. I found it interesting that they have a ton of variety but when compared to other coasters of the same variety the ones at CP are not comparable. For example ARROW SUSPENDED Iron Dragon doesn't compare to the now gone Big Bad Wolf. Arrow Looper Corkscrew doesn't compare to Loch Ness or any other arrow looper I've ridden. MF is great but there are still coasters out there considered to be better. Would you rather ride volcano or wicked twister? What is the point of wicked twister when you have a flat like Skyhawk? Despite that all of the coasters I enjoyed and there are a TON of coasters but it is pretty much like other parks I've vised except they have double and sometimes triple what other parks have. I would say if there was one park I would visit as my dream coaster park right now it would be Six Flags Great Adventure. They have a great variety also and I think a lil better quality than cedar point. I still loved my trip tho

  4. Eric

    ^Coastercritic is right. There are lots of parks with 3 world class coasters. Six Flags Great Adventure is one. El Toro, Nitro, Kingda Ka, Bizarro, this park has 4 world class coasters.

  5. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure that CC can agree with my saying that the Busch Gardens parks have more than three world class coasters. Williamsburg is home to Apollo's Chariot, Alpengeist, Griffon, the classic Loch Ness Monster, and the formerly world-renowned BBW. Tampa is home to Kumba, Montu, Sheikra, and whatever coaster is currently being constructed. Eric is correct in that SFGAdv has three. The fact is that Cedar Point mainly goes for quantity and record-breakers, which may be fine for you, but I would rather stay at BG.


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