Cedar Point Slightly Overrated

My trip to Cedar Point was successful. I rode my 100th coaster (Millennium Force) and ten more while I was there. The weather was a factor as it hampered ride operations all day. In fact, Top Thrill Dragster didn’t run until about 3 in the afternoon. I’ll be adding a full trip report soon. I’ll also be reviewing the eleven new coasters that I’ve ridden.

Overall, Cedar Point is great and I can see why it got its reputation. Yes. They have the most coasters. Yes. They break world records. But after visiting I don’t find myself looking for a house in Sandusky. In a way, Cedar Point’s like other great parks. They have a few world-class coasters and a good to just average (albeit large) supporting cast of coasters. It ain’t like the park’s chocked full of classics and 10’s and 9’s. That’s how people make it seem. That’s all.

And I will admit that my opinion is based mostly on the coaster aspect. I do recognize that they have a great selection of flat rides and probably excel in park operations, cleanliness, etc. It’s a great park, but personally, I think the park is a bit overrated. But how could it not be with all the hype that it gets? Final Verdict: Mostly Coaster Hype, Not Really Coaster Heaven