For Sale: Six Flags Elitch Gardens

And so it begins… On the heels of last week’s announcement that Six Flags is still in the red, comes news this week that Elitch Gardens is being sold for $170 million. Located in Denver, Elitch Gardens was acquired by Six Flags in 1999.

From a coaster enthusiast’s stand point, the closing of this park isn’t that devastating. It’s not home to any monuments to coaster history or world-class thrill machines. And while it does boast the U.S.’s only half pipe coaster, the attraction looks like it could be easily moved to another park. Elitch Gardens could meet a similar fate as Six Flags Astroworld. That park was shutdown last season and its rides were moved to other Six Flags parks. However, there is always the chance that another company will buy the park and it will be saved.

While the sale of Elitch Gardens is news in the theme park community, Six Flags had already announced that six of its thirty parks were on the proverbial chopping block. Real shockwaves will be felt if the company sells the Magic Mountain park as rumors suggest. It’s home to seventeen roller coasters, which is the most anywhere.

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