Renegade in 2007 at Valleyfair!

Valleyfair! Adds New Wooden Hybrid Coaster in 2007
Renegade will join a short list of new wooden coasters opening in 2007. Valleyfair!, located in Shakopee, MN outside of Minneapolis, is a medium-sized amusement park operated by Cedar Fair. The park will open its first new wooden coaster in 30 years with Renegade.

It looks to be the largest and most ambitious wooden coaster to open next year. Renegade will boast a twisting first drop of 90 feet and a station fly-by. It will take riders on a hybrid layout that will feature both twister and out-and-back elements. Top wooden coaster designers, Great Coasters International will be building Renegade. In the past decade, GCI has built some gems including Lightning Racer at Hershey Park and Thunderhead at Dollywood. If Renegade is on par with these coasters, then Valleyfair! will have a winner in Renegade.