Wicked to Debut at Lagoon

Wicked to Debut at Lagoon in Utah
Lagoon, a small park just north of Salt Lake City, is going to get a launch coaster in 2007. Wicked will boast two launches (one horizontal, one vertical) via linear synchronous motors or LSMs. This is the same technology being used on Cedar Point’s new Maverick coaster. Wicked will feature a single zero-g roll and six cars with riders arranged in two rows, four across.

Pretty soon launch coasters will be found in almost every corner of the country. A German company called Zierer is building Wicked. I can’t recall ever riding a coaster built by Zierer and Wicked doesn’t look like a clone. To get an idea of what Wicked will be like check out this video on Lagoon’s web site:

Wicked video
Wicked press release

Got any feedback about this new coaster? Do you plan on visiting Lagoon in 2007? Leave a comment below. Also, see the RCDB‘s complete list of 2007 coasters.