Boardwalk Bullet Aimed at Kemah Boardwalk

New Wooden Coaster Coming to Houston Area
The Gravity Group will be bringing their magic to the Kemah Boardwalk (south east of Houston, TX). The Boardwalk Bullet will be one of the few wooden coasters joining the Class of 2007. While this will only be the Gravity Group’s third roller coaster their first two, Hades and Voyage, have made quite an impact in the industry. Voyage and Hades placed in the top 5 wooden coasters of the 2006 Golden Ticket Awards. And in the top 10 wooden coasters in the Internet Roller Coaster Poll, with Voyage taking the top spot. Not to mention, they’re both in my highly coveted Top Coasters list. It’s safe to say Gravity Group is off to an amazing start.

After the loss of Six Flags AstoWorld in 2005, this is great news for coaster enthusiasts in that part of Texas. If Gravity Group’s former success is any indication of what we can expect from Boardwalk Bullet, Texans should be in for quite a treat. Can lightning strike three times?

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Check out this video of the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah:

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