SheiKra Goes Floorless For ’07

Medusa Floorless Roller CoasterBusch Gardens Dive Coaster Receives Floorless Trains
Floorless trains (pictured to the right on Medusa) further enhance the riders sense of freedom or fear depending on how you view it. Bolliger & Mabillard have designed their train cars in such a way that you’re basically sitting in a chair (with restraints) with your feet dangling above the track. They seldom produce standard seated looping coasters anymore. These days B&M opt for the floorless trains more often than not as they add another element to the ride.

SheiKra, the U.S.’s only dive roller coaster, (for another month or so) will be getting floorless trains. As if the 20 story, 90-degree drop wasn’t enough? Again, I liked SheiKra, I just thought it’d be a little more intense. Griffon, the U.S.’s second dive coaster, will open at Busch’s sister park in Virginia with floorless trains, two inversions, and a slightly taller drop.

Check out the announcement by Busch Gardens via this webcast.
If you’ve never seen it in action, check out this YouTube SheiKra Video:

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