Darien Lake Under New Management

A First Look at an Ex-Six Flags Park
Darien Lake, which was acquired from Six Flags by PARC Management, has recieved a number of changes during its first season under new owners. There’s a new web site and an official new name, Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. The new site has video footage of the park and several of the attractions. Most notable changes include the addition of new shows, a new four-person innertube water slide, and reduced admission after 5 PM.

A few of the park’s roller coasters have changed names. Boomerang: Coast to Coaster, a pretty horrible name, has been changed to just Boomerang. The park’s most popular coaster, Superman: Ride of Steel will now be known as just Ride of Steel. It’s a mirror image of the S:ROS at Six Flags America.

Marketing Puffery?
The site’s description of Ride of Steel is either decieving or uninformed. The site refers to it as a “steel LIM supercoaster”. LIMs are the technology behind launch coasters. This is not a launch coaster, the park’s marketing staff might want to visit my Coasterology101 posts. Strangely, the Viper footage, includes shots of Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It’s a similar coaster, but definitely not a clone. It has more loops and is even a different color. Most people won’t notice the difference, but I did.

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