Mayhem at Atlanta Six Flags

Free Admission Promo at Six Flags Over Georgia
Turns into a Massive Debacle

What appeared to be a smart move to gain some positive press turned into the exact opposite. A local radio station, Q100.5, had bought out Six Flags Over Georgia and planned to give away free admission between 6 am and 9 am on Thursday April 5th. The promotion had people lining up as early as 3:30am, some even spent the night in the parking lot.

The park was forced to close it’s gates early on Thursday morning as the promotion, which overlapped morning rush hour, caused a traffic jam in both directions on the I-20. Some gridlocked parents even let their kids out of the car on I20 to try and get into the park. Six Flags had to turn away thousands as the park was filled to capacity almost as soon as the promotion began.

SFoGA obviously didn’t plan for the unbelievable response that they got from the Q100.5 promo. I feel sorry for all of those who waited in traffic for hours, just to be turned around. Hopefully, they’ll go back another day that’s a really nice park and among my favorite Six Flags parks. More …>>