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Zonga, an Anton Schwarzkopf roller coaster with four loops, was sold by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly Marine World). Zonga has lived many lives. Previously it was the Texas Tornado at Six Flags AstroWorld from 1998 to 2002. Before that it was known as the Thriller at Grona Lund in Stockholm, Sweden. The coaster began its existence traveling the fair circuit in Germany for more than a decade.

The question now is who bought the coaster and where will it appear next? By viewing the ride’s listing on International LLC, you can see that it’s sold, but no one in the enthusiast community seems to know where it’s headed next. It looks like a fun ride.

Anyone have the scoop on where this coaster is being moved to? Will it remain state-side or head back across the pond to Europe? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think Zonga should be moved to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom as Flashback and as a new ride for the 2008 or 2009 season. Anyway, that was always a great roller coaster for coaster enthusiasts.

  2. Anonymous

    Zonga Coaster has been moved to Mexico, it is being installed in the city of Aguascalientes and will open on april 18thI hope it is a good roller coaster as I am a big fan of them and have travelled to USA and europe only to ride them.

  3. Punkwolf

    It is unfortunate that six flags astroworld ever had to be demolished. It was a great park. I reside in Houston and for years it occasionally will bother me that there is no thrill ride park within a driving distance. I miss the Texas Tornado, especially because of the sleek design and how well it performed. I personally loved this ride, but I hear mixed review occasionally.


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