An Empty Queue at Cedar Point

Top 3 Best Times to Visit Theme Parks

I’m often asked about the best time to visit theme parks. After reading this week’s Top 3 Thursday you’ll be able to find beautiful sights like this empty queue for Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point. In order of worst to best, here are the best days to visit theme parks.

#3 – Weekdays During the Summer
If you have to go to a park during the summer months, do yourself a favor and visit during a weekday. Although you may have to take off from work, your visit will be worth it. You’ll actually be able to get on and off of the attractions and experience more of the park in less time.

#2 – Weekends Early or Late in the Season
Even though parks will run special Halloween promotions late in the season and opening weekend promotions early in the season, crowds are much smaller on the first and last days of the season. Look for discounted admission coupons late in the season and discounted season pass promotion early in the season.

#1 – Weekdays Early or Late in the Season
Weekdays early (March, April, and early May) and late (September and October) are the best time to visit theme parks. Many parks will only have weekends open during these times of the year, but some do offer weekdays. These days are your best bet for smaller crowds as cooler temperatures usually prevail. Also, kids invade theme parks in massive numbers when school’s out.

Tips to Remember:
#1 Saturdays are the worst, especially for popular parks. Avoid them like the plague!
#2 Weekdays are better than Weekends
#3 Cooler months are better than warmer months
#4 Bad weather forecasts can lessen crowds
#5 Some parks offer Twilight Admission. Enter the park late afternoon (usually 4 PM) and admission is reduced 40 to 50%.

What’s Your Take?
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