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Top 3 Most Anticipated Coasters of 2007

The Most Anticipated Roller Coasters of 2007
2006 was all about Voyage and Expedition Everest, although later on El Toro and Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia) got some attention too. This Thurday, I’m counting down the most anticipated coasters of the Class of 2007.

3 – Mystery Mine at Dollywood
Dolly’s new steel looper will help to solidify Dollywood as a must visit destination for coaster enthusiasts. If Thunderhead’s back-to-back Golden Ticket wins weren’t enough, Mystery Mine ought to wrangle some more visitors to East Tennessee. More on Mystery Mine…>>

2 – Griffon at Busch Gardens Europe
The genuis designers Bolliger & Mabillard team up with “America’s Most Beautiful Theme Park” once again. Will they erect another masterpiece like Apollo’s Chariot or Alpengeist? We’ll know in just about a month and a half. The two 90-degree drops and ten abreast, floorless trains will still amaze the average park-goer that’s never heard of SheiKra. More on Griffon…>>

1- Maverick at Cedar Point
The ‘net is buzzing with anticipation of Cedar Point’s 17th (that’s right 17th!) roller coaster. At least for once the CP Hype is deserved. Maverick looks to be the odds on favorite for coaster of the year. It will have a wider appeal than the skyscrapers they normally build. Sure Maverick has two launches and a couple of inversions, but it’s less likely to scare off Mom and Dad while still impressing the hard core enthusiasts. Smart move Cedar Fair! More on Maverick…>>

Check out this onride video of Maverick at Cedar Point:

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