Early Reviews of Griffon @ Busch Gardens Europe

Griffon Roller Coaster Water SplashGriffon Getting Some Early Props from Coaster Enthusiasts
Reviews are starting to surface as Griffon, Busch Gardens Europe’s new dive coaster, is now officially open. Over at ThemeParkCritic, it’s averaging an 8.4 with 7 reviews. As expected, the reviews are positive and range from 7’s to 10’s. Hopefully, I’ll get to experience Griffon for myself soon.

The reviewers report that the outside 2 seats, on either side of the 10 seat rows are excellent. Since the trains are floorless, the outside seats are isolated with no track above or below. The airtime bunny hop and water section are getting some praise as well.

Check out the Griffon coaster reviews.

Are you planning on riding Griffon this summer? Have you already ridden it? Leave a comment below.