SheiKra - Floorless CoasterSheiKra, America’s First Dive Machine Gets an Upgrade for ’07
Soon, there will be no place to hide when you face SheiKra’s 20-story, 90-degree drop. Last week, Busch Gardens Africa unveilled SheiKra’s floorless trains at a press event. JohnnyUpsideDown has posted pictures from the event. On June 16, the Busch Gardens Africa will reintroduce SheiKra with the new floorless cars that allow riders unobstructed views. For more information, check out this webcast and Q&A from the official announcement.

I’ve ridden three floorless coasters: Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure, Dominator at Geauga Lake, and Batman – Dark Knight at Six Flags New England. I enjoyed how free you feel, while still feeling locked in safe. The new trains should add another element to a good roller coaster.
Image courtesy of JohnnyUpsideDown.

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