Top 3 International Coasters Debuting in 2007
America debuts amazing new roller coasters every year, but it’s not really accurate to say the U.S. is on the cutting edge in coaster design anymore. This Thursday I’m going to countdown the three biggest roller coasters to debut oversees in 2007.

Troy at Toverland
Sevenum, Netherlands
Great Coasters International is designing a wooden coaster that’s reminiscent of their hit, Thunderhead. From the illustration, it looks to be a very fun coaster. It’s scheduled to open on June 23rd. Toverland is also home to a Vekoma motorbike coaster called Booster Bike!

Kirnu at Linnanmaki
Helsinki, Finland
Kirnu is a new Intamin 4th Dimension coaster design that just opened at Linnanmaki. On 4th dimension roller coasters, two riders are positioned on either side of the track. Their seats allow them to spin freely on their own axis. I’m sure it won’t be long before Intamin brings one of these to our shores.

Furios Baco at PortAventura
Salou, Spain
Furios Baco is an Intamin Accelerator coaster that will be opening at PortAventura in Spain. It will feature 4D-style seating with riders positioned on either side of the track, but the seats will not spin. It will propel riders from 0 to 80 in 3.5 seconds. Portions of Furios Baco will be over water.. PortAventura is also home to the former inversion record holder, Dragon Khan.

Also, check out this coaster video of Hollywood Dream: The Ride at Universal Studios Japan. Located in Osaka, Japan this B&M Mega Coaster has the elements of a hypercoaster, but doesn’t break the 200 foot barrier. It looks like a lot of fun and those lights on the train are insane. Only in Japan I tell you, only in Japan!

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  1. Surya

    I went to Toverland in 2009 and have ridden Troy there a couple of times but found it disappointing. It's a fast and twisting layout, but I found the airtime to not be forceful enough. I think I tried both front and back rows. It's decent, but not great.


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