The twilight trip to Kings Island was a success. I was able to ride Vortex, Racer (both backwards and forwards), Adventure Express, Italian Job Stunt Coaster, Top Gun, Face/Off, and Beast. Son of Beast, which recently reopened was down again. Both Flight of Fear and Firehawk had 45-minute waits and I’d been on exact clones at Kings Dominion and Six Flags America so I skipped them.

The two night rides on Beast were amazing! They were easily worth the long drive to Ohio. I’ll be posting a full review of Beast soon, but it’s already found a place on my Top Ten Coasters.

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  1. Alton

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip to my old home park, Kings Island! I'll look forward to reading your full review.

  2. The Coaster Critic

    Since my old home park was Kings Dominion, Kings Island was like some weird alternate universe with pieces of a very familiar park mashed up with rides I'd been looking at online for years. It was kind of surreal finally getting to ride the Beast. And weird riding the Racer, thinking for a second that I could be at Kings Dominion on the Rebel Yell.


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