Canada’s Wonderland | New Roller Coaster in 2008

Mysterious B&M Track Appears at Canada’s Wonderland
Canadian coaster enthusiasts have a reason to get excited about 2008. Canada’s Wonderland, located near Toronto, will be announcing a new B&M roller coaster of some type on Monday, the 27th. ScreamScape has a covert pic of some bright yellow and red track, that’s unmistakably going to be part of a steel B&M roller coaster. For some reason, ScreamScape is speculating it will be a hyper coaster. My only issue with that theory is that the teaser message on the park’s home page states:

“Canada has never seen anything like it.”

Six Flags affiliate, LaRonde (Montreal) already has a hyper coaster known as Goliath. So either the park is doing some typical marketing puffery or it will be some other type of B&M coaster Canadians have yet to experience on their own turf. Of the coasters that B&M makes, Canada doesn’t have a floorless coaster or a dive coaster. After looking at Canada’s Wonderland’s 14 coasters, I think a hyper coaster would be the best addition to their arsenal. Plus, they could claim the title of Canada’s tallest roller coaster. That’s my guess for now. We won’t have to wait long for answers.

What type of roller coaster do you think Canada’s Wonderland should add for 2008? Leave a comment below.