Hersheypark Teases New Attraction for 2008

Is Hersheypark Planning a New Roller Coaster for 2008?
It’s that time of year when the summer season begins to wind down and parks start announcing their plans for 2008. Hershey has struck first with this message on their web site:

“What’s better than a perfect 10? Hersheypark 2008”

When you click the message you are sent to a page that displays the date 10/02/07. The “perfect 10” most likely refers to the park’s ten roller coasters. Other than that, all we have is speculation. Screamscape mentioned something about HP building a coaster with 10 inversions. There are currently only two coasters in the world tied for the world record of 10 loops. They are Colossus at Thorpe Park in the UK and 10 Inversion Roller Coaster at Chimelong Paradise in China. Intamin’s already made these two clones maybe Hershey will receive one too.

Looking for Answers

The only roller coasters listed on the Hersheypark RCDB listing are the 10 existing coasters. So far there are no “Under Construction” or “Unknown” entries. I haven’t been to any Hersheypark fan sites to see what rumors are making the rounds on the ‘Net, but that’s a great place to start. Usually several clues surface before official announcements so we may not have to wait until October to know what’s in the works for Hersheypark in 2008.

My Take
My guess is that Hersheypark will be installing a non-coaster. I’m by no means an expert on Hershey, but that park seems to be pretty constrained for space. Look at how both Great Bear and Stormrunner were squeezed into the park. Also, their coaster lineup is pretty strong as it is. In my opinion, a drop ride, dark ride, or some type of interactive family ride is more likely for 2008. Stay tuned as the details emerge.

Got any insight into what Hersheypark will be installing for the 2008 season? What do you think they should build? A flying coaster, a hyper coaster, or a dark ride? Leave a comment below.