A Theme Park Staple Gets an Upgrade
Cameras that take souvenir photos of riders were first mounted on roller coasters about 15 or 20 years ago. For once my coaster knowledge is failing me. I can’t seem to remember the first roller coaster with an onride camera. The next logical step after souvenir photos is a souvenir DVD. While I was at Kings Island last month, I noticed the Flight of Fear (the World’s first LIM launch coaster) offered riders a DVD of their ride. Here’s an example below:

Also, check out my full review of Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion. Would you buy a DVD of your ride on a roller coaster? Leave a comment below.

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  1. aaron

    I've always tried to get great roller coaster photos…something creative you know? Some of my best ideas for Roller Coaster Photos were made right in the line… I can't even begin to imagine trying to do something cool the whole time I was on the coaster! Do you know if the coaster videos have sound? I can imagine trying to quote scenes from the princess Bride (with or without props) or do Hamlet! How funny.By the way, have you heard of any other coaster starting to do this?

  2. Judy P in Pgh

    They also have video cameras on Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure, Raptor at Cedar Point, Talon at Dorney Park and After Burn at Carowinds.

  3. Bryce Pelto

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