Fahrenheit Heats Up Hersheypark in 2008

Fahrenheit - Roller Coaster - Herhsheypark 2008New Coaster Fahrenheit
Will Heat Up Hersheypark in 2008
The details of Hershey’s new roller coaster have been released. It will be called Fahrenheit. It’s claim to fame will be a 97-degree drop which is beyond straight down. Way to upstage Griffon, Hershey!

Fahrenheit Features
Fahrenheit will have a straight up, 90-degree lift. Followed by an ultra-steep, record setting 97-degree drop which will be the steepest in the US. After a 12-story drop trains will reach a top speed of 58 mph and traverse a twisted course of inversions. The five loops include: a corkscrew, cobra roll (2), inverted S roll, and another corkscrew. The ride will finish with a series of airtime hills and banked curves before the station brakes.

The Coaster Critic’s Take
The 97-degree drop will be the major draw of Fahrenheit. It’ll be in all of the marketing collateral Hershey will use to bring in the crowds. Aside from the steep, but short drop, none of the other stats are awe-inspiring. 58 mph is nearly family coaster territory. The lack of insane stats isn’t a knock against the coaster, I just think it’s noteworthy. Fahrenheit could still be a great roller coaster.

I still don’t get the need for this particular coaster in Hershey’s lineup, but it looks like fun. It’s from Intamin, the same people that brought us launched looping coasters like: Hershey’s Stormrunner, Cedar Point’s Maverick, and California Adventure’s California Screamin’. I’ll let Hershey’s management worry about the variety of their lineup. I’m just excited for another steel looper that’s not too far away. I love Bolliger & Mabillard coasters, but it will be good to see another steel looper from Intamin.

For more information check out the Fahrenheit mini site.

As always, check out this onride coaster video of Fahrenheit:

Gotta love YouTube!

Are you excited about Fahrenheit? Do you think this is the right type of coaster for Hershey? Any idea where in the park it’s going? Leave a comment below.