New Coaster Rumored for Cedar Point in 2008

Cedar Point Rumored to Add its 436th Coaster in 2008
Beaver Creek Mine Ride - Geauga LakeOkay. We get it already Cedar Point, you have a ton of roller coasters! But they just can’t seem to control themselves. There’s nothing confirmed yet, but according to a few different sources Cedar Point’s blog OnPoint! has hinted at a new attraction for 2008. With the closing of Geauga Lake, and subsequent homeless coasters, enthusiasts are speculating that the massive park will get the Beaver Land Mine Ride. This quote in particular from their October 18th post raised a few eyebrows:

“We apologize for our absence. We’ve been busy as beavers preparing for the 2008 season (yes, we are preparing this early, if you can believe it).”

I guess OnPoint! is known for dropping hints this way. Anyway, Beaver Land Mine Ride is a compact Zierer family coaster, just a step above a little kiddie coaster. I rode it at Geauga, and it’s a lot of fun. Especially for kids, families, and those who like tamer attractions. Some of its most notable clones are Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train at Six Flags Great Adventure, and Catwoman’s Whip (Formerly Poison Ivy’s Tangled Train) at Six Flags New England. These family coasters have a small footprint and should easily fit into the park’s kids section.

Any CP fans excited for what will potentially be the park’s 908,214th coaster? Image courtesy of CoasterImage