New Projects in the Works

For a while now I’ve been in the lab working on a few new projects. In my surveying of the theme park web site landscape I found just a lot of the usual suspects. News sites, image sites, park fan sites, etc. My hope is that my new projects will help bring Web 2.0 to the online theme park community in a whole new way. Other than the message boards, I don’t see a lot of interactivity out there.

Right now I’d say Project X is in alpha at best. It’s got a heartbeat, but far from ready for prime time. Project Y has been alive and kicking for many months, I just need to finish building it out. Once they’re up I shouldn’t have to spend too much time on them, so I’ll be able to stay focused on this blog. Both will launch this Winter. Stay tuned for updates…

What’s Your Take?
Any guesses as to what either of the new sites will be like? Leave a comment below.