New Roller Coaster for Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2008

Well Traveled B&M Coaster Will Resurface at San Antonio Six FlagsBatman: The Ride - Six Flags Great Adventure
Roller coasters designed by Bolliger & Mabillard are some of the most popular and successful on the planet. They deliver smooth, but thrilling rides, have great capacity that keeps queues moving and are almost always crowd-pleasers. For these reasons, until this year, only one B&M coaster had ever been relocated. It was a Batman The Ride inverted coaster clone that was originally Gambit at Thrill Valley in Shizuoka, Japan. Then when Thrill Valley closed in 2002, it was purchased by Six Flags for its new park in New Orleans. It operated there as Batman: The Ride until Hurricane Katrina flooded Six Flags New Orleans. After lying abandoned in the defunct park, Six Flags has decided to move it to Six Flags Fiesta Texas where it will debut next year as Goliath.

Nonsensical Naming from Six Flags
The naming and theming of the new Dark Knight coasters was a smart move, but Goliath? Really? I guess they just can’t get enough of that name. I know that the majority of park visitors don’t visit multiple Six Flags like coaster enthusiast do, but some originality wouldn’t hurt Six Flags. This is their sixth Goliath-named coaster and this one makes the least sense. At least the other five are hyper coasters. This incarnation is an inverted coaster which so it resulted in the Fiesta Texas’ PR department creating an odd-named press release title like:

“Goliath Soars into Six Flags Fiesta Texas Bringing Major Park Coaster Count to Eight”

Goliath soars? They could have just stuck with the Batman: The Ride name. Ah, well. Leave a comment below.