Scarowinds Trip Report Part 1

Scarowinds Trip Report, Part 1
Since it’s Halloween, I figured I’d recap my trip to Scarowinds, Carowinds Halloween event.

I arrived at the park just before 7 PM. I was looking forward to returning to Carowinds both for some night rides and to ride a few coasters for the first time. I’d been to Carowinds back in 2004 with my fiancee, but we skipped a few coasters.

Right away, I noticed that the park had been spooked out. From the huge red eyes on the slowly turning Carolina Skytower to the red blood in a large fountain near the entrance, the park had been transformed. The sun was setting as I waited with the eager crowds. After a few minutes we were unleashed into the park. The slightly controlled stampede poured into Carowinds. Most headed directly for the BORG Assimilator. The flying coaster is the park’s newest attraction and the line showed that. Others began finding their way to the many haunts sprinkled through out the park.

I went searching for Top Gun. This B&M inverted coaster is, in my opinion, the best coaster at the park. Since it’s older than BORG and located towards the back of the park, there was literally no line. The queue and hangar themed station was completely empty, aside from a few riders on the trains. I was welcomed by “Mighty Wings” from the Top Gun Movie Soundtrack which runs on a loop in the station. Other than taking me back to 1986, it’s a great song for the jet fighter-like thrills that Top Gun delivers. The view from the lift at dusk was amazing. After 3 back-to-back rides and being elegantly thrown upside-down 18 times, I’d had my fill.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of my Scarwoinds Trip Report.