Steel Hawg @ Indiana Beach | 2008 Roller Coasters

S&S and Indiana Beach Team for a Landmark Coaster in Steel Hawg
Just when I was thinking that there wasn’t anything too interesting in the Class of 2008, Indiana Beach drops a bomb shell of an announcement. On Monday, the park announced Steel Hawg on their Crow’s Nest blog. Steel Hawg will be an S&S steel looping coaster with numerous one-of-a-kind elements. Its based on the El Loco coaster from the IAAPA. Go here for a peak at the El Loco prototype coaster.

By unique elements I don’t mean that it will be the first orange coaster with a drop that’s the steepest by one degree, and stadium-style seats with cupholders. This isn’t the case where a park will be claiming they have the tallest of some type of coaster in their state or region. No slight steps up for this installation, with Steel Hawg’s eye-popping inversions that border on “I didn’t know that was possible”, Indiana Beach may just have a landmark roller coaster.

This small park might be invaded next Summer not only by locals that have never seen anything like it, but also by traveling enthusiasts like myself. This announcement came out of left field and I’m officially excited for the 2008 coaster season. More details on the specific elements and insane inversions to come.

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