Voodoo Site with Construction Photos


Construction Photos | Voodoo Coaster at Dorney Park
Dorney has created a pretty slick site and cool logo for their new Voodoo roller coaster set to open in 2008. Voodoo is the launched shuttle coaster that Cedar Fair moved from Geauga Lake to Dorney earlier this year. Check out the site for downloads, fresh construction pics, a web cam and more.

Official Voodoo Site

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  1. Can anyone tell me if it is worth going to Dorney Park? i can either go there or hersheypark.

  2. If you've never been to either Dorney Park or Hersheypark and it costs the same to travel to both, I'd go with Hersheypark. With the brand new Fahrenheit,and proven greats like Stormrunner, Great Bear and one of my favorite wooden coasters Lightning Racer, Hershey is a must visit. If you've been to Hershey already then Dorney is definitely worth a visit. Steel Force, Talon, & Hydra are all great coasters. Here's Dorney's complete lineup.


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