Roller Coaster Removals & Relocations

Chiller, Jack Rabbit, and Deja Vu Go Bye-Bye
Batman & Robin: The Chiller is now completely gone from Six Flags Great Adventure. As I reported in October, it’s on its way to a ride dealer in Europe. Flyin’ Phill has aerial photos showing the absence of the dueling launch coaster. Check them out here.

Deja Vu roller coasters are quickly becoming extinct. As of now, they’re at least on the endangered species list. Both of the installations at Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL) and Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta, GA) have been removed. If you’re a fan of the last one in the U.S. at Six Flags Magic Mountain, you may want to get some rides in. The writing may be on the wall. Deja Vu coasters are Giant Vekoma Boomerang. They’re inverted shuttle coasters with 90-degree vertical lifts and large loops. I enjoyed the one I rode at Six Flags Over Georgia.

The Kevin and Nate Show also reported that a demolition team was hired for the Flashback at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It looks like a lot of fun and it would be nice to see it relocated, but if the demolition team tip is true it will be joining the others in coaster heaven (or hell).

The Jack Rabbit at Clemington Park in New Jersey is gone as well. It’s been SBNO (standing but not operating) since 2003 so its demolition doesn’t come as a surprise. Kevin from the Kevin and Nate Show reported that the Jack Rabbit had no footers. I found it hard to believe, but he’s right, you can clearly see in this picture. Maybe the ride was just too expensive to renovate or rehab. Sad thing is Jack Rabbit was eons old (b. 1919). I’m surprised ACE didn’t swoop in and try to save it.

Finally, Fujin Raijin II a standup coaster involved in a fatal accident last spring is reportedly being removed for good from the Osaka, Japan park Expoland. Allegedly, the ride was re-opened months after the accident and the park’s attendance was extremely low (down 80%).

Will you miss any of these coasters? Do you know of any other recent removals? Leave a comment below. Image 1 courtesy of