Walt Disney World & American Idol Team Up

Last week Disney announced plans for an American Idol attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida. It sounds like an immersive attraction where guests can experience auditioning, performing, and being judged. According to the press release:

“That experience will include an audition process, open to all who register, where guests perform “live” in front of a Disney’s Hollywood Studios producer to be cast in a theme park show. After backstage preparation — working with a vocal coach, hair and make-up — it’s lights up and showtime in front of a “live” audience and a panel of judges.”

American Idol - Disney Hollywood Studios

“Guest performers with the highest votes will compete in an end-of-day Grand Finale show at Walt Disney World, and the winner of the Grand Finale show will receive a guaranteed reservation for a future regional stadium audition — to ensure no waiting in long lines. But when it comes down to the television show auditions, everyone is treated equal.”

We can only hope there’s a cheesy host that stops the show for a commercial break just as you’re about to find out if you’ve been voted off or not. The attraction is set to open later this year. I’m really more of a coaster guy than anything else so I can’t say I’m really all that interested in the news. It is a neat idea, I guess. For the full press release and a press video click here.

What do you think of the American Idol attraction coming to Disney World? Sounds a little pitchy to me, dawg. Leave a comment below.

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