Coaster Radio Returns

Coaster Radio Mouse PadA Review of the Return of Coaster Radio
On February 1st, Coaster Radio re-launched. The site and podcast had gone dormant for well over a year. When I reviewed a few theme park podcasts last year I found the Coaster Radio podcast to be pretty entertaining. I was late to the party though as they had decided to stop making shows. Anyway, on the 1st the new site launched with a blog as the main page. All comments on the blog posts are directed to their forums. It’s a neat concept, but requires an account to participate in the discussions.

The five members of the show have a lot of fun together. Although I can’t tell all of them apart, the resulting chemistry is great. And if you’re a long time listener, you probably enjoy the call-back jokes to earlier episodes. They spent a portion of the return show talking about the re-launch of the site where they fought the urge to call their site a blog. Get over it guys! Your main page is a blog, I’m not sure where the negative connotation comes from. Blogs can be pretty dynamic and a lot more than just diaries or journals. Not to mention the love search engines give blogs. Yet I digress.

Anyway, they recapped some of the major ’08 roller coasters and a few news stories from 2007. Like I said, the banter is pretty amusing, albeit PG-13 at times. (Most real enthusiasts are much older than that, I just thought I’d mention it.) I’m looking forward to future shows although they mentioned that they’d only be producing three total.

Check out their complete archive of past shows here. To download the latest show click here. Ever listened to Coaster Radio? What did you think? Leave a comment below.