Midnight Rider Renamed Eagles Life in the Fast Lane
Hard Rock Park’s marquee coaster, Led Zeppelin – The Ride, has been well covered, but it’s good to get a peak at one of the other coasters. Last week, the roller coaster formerly known as Midnight Rider was renamed after the 70’s rock band the Eagles. Most won’t notice the name change as Hard Rock Park, located in Myrtle Beach, doesn’t officially open for a few more months. Eagles Life in the Fast Lane is a Vekoma mine train coaster with two lift hills. It will be the longest coaster in the park at 2,234 feet long. Here are a few pictures of another similar mine train at Walibi Belgium.

Check out this test video of Midnight Rider/Eagles Life in the Fast Lane:

What do you think of Eagles Life in the Fast Lane? Are you excited about the new Hard Rock Park? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Matthew

    A couple years ago when i was so afraid of roller coasters, i LOVED the Eagles life in the fast lane ride. I thought it was the coolest thing ive ever seen. I like when you hit the brakes and turn back into the station and everyones cheering. I thought it was great. And this is the only roller coaster that ive ever been on that has 2 lift hills. And Anonymous. Eagles Life In The Fast Lane might be longer than Time Machine. I mean this ride has 2 lift hills and all in all a much longer ride

  2. Anonymous

    Look on RCDB.

    They didn't give a length for Iron Horse, but Coaster Critic said 2,234 ft. Time Machine is 3,738ft.

    The dicider is the fact IH is about 40ft. high, and TM is about 150ft. high.

    And you couldn't ride E:LITFL a "couple years ago". It opened last year.

  3. Matthew

    well all i remember is i rode this ride 2 years ago. Thats all that i know. Ive been on the ride and have rode this.


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