The Second Drop on Phantom’s Revenge

Phantom’s Plunge Into a Ravine | Memorable Coaster Moments
Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood - Roller CoasterPhantom’s Revenge is a hyper coaster at the historic Kennywoood Park near Pittsburgh, PA. Unlike most hyper coasters, Phantom’s Revenge is not taller than 200′. The steel Morgan coaster only rises to 160′ on its initial ascent. But, after the first swooping drop, the trains climb up once again as it sets riders up for the drop of a lifetime.

Phantoms Revenge’s claim to fame is it’s breathtaking 225′ drop down a natural ravine and through Thunderbolt’s support structure. The train reaches a top speed of 82 mph as it dives above and below Thunderbolt’s track. Passing through the supports also offers a head/arm chopper effect. This landmark is the 8th longest drop in the world and easily one of the most memorable coaster moments I’ve experienced.

Check out this onride video of Phantom’s Revenge:

Read about this coaster’s first incarnation, Steel Phantom. What do you think of Phantom Revenge and its famous second drop? Leave a comment below. Photos courtesy of CoasterImage.