Manta @ SeaWorld Orlando | Concept Art

Manta - SeaWorld OrlandoA First Look at SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta
The B&M flying roller coaster that’s rumored for SeaWorld Orlando is all but confirmed at this point. Concept art has emerged oddly enough on a British site. The Disney Information Bulletin Board has posted three pieces of concept art. The pictures show a B&M flying coaster themed as a manta or sting ray skimming the surface of the water.

It’s still not clear how these ‘up-close animal encounters’ will work, but Manta looks to take the flying coaster concept to whole new level just as Magic Mountain’s Tatsu did. *UPDATE* The DIB has removed their page on Manta, so I’ve included the remaining photos below:

Manta - Sea World OrlandoSea World Orlando - Manta Coaster

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