Storm Runner’s Flying Snake Dive | Memorable Coaster Moments
Hersheypark’s Intamin launch coaster Storm Runner opened in 2004. It features an exhilarating launch 0 to 72 mph in 2 seconds, a 150′ tall top hat hill at 90 degrees, and a unique inversion. Storm Runner’s coup de grace is the flying snake dive. After performing a zero-g roll about 50′ in the air, the train starts to roll again. Instead of completing the full barrel roll, the train dives and exits the inversion to the left. It’s tough to describe. The feeling it gives is surprisingly disorienting. In a good way. It’s easily the highlight of the ride.

The flying snake dive doesn’t look like much in a video and pictures definitely don’t do it justice, it just has to be experienced to be appreciated. It’s easily one of the top 3 inversions I’ve encountered. For more including a video, check out my full Storm Runner review.

What do you think of Storm Runner and its unique inversion? Leave a comment below.

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