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In Response to Coasterdom’s ‘Trees Please’.

As Nate from Coasterdom wrote, there are two sides on the issue ofBusch Gardens Europe - Williamsburg, VA having a lot of trees at theme parks. On one hand you have the enthusiasts that argue that parks look better with a greener, more natural atmosphere. On the other hand, removing trees allows for parks to create larger midways and walking areas which can keep congestion and bottlenecks at a minimum.

I’m in the former group. I’d prefer an attractive park with trees that provide plenty of shade. Trees also enhance a park’s skyline. There’s nothing like a lift hill rising above a vast, green forest. The abundant foliage at Busch Gardens Europe is one of the reasons I love that park. Another advantage that Nate mentioned was that the trees help to hide a coaster’s layout. Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens is a perfect example. There’s no way to see what’s going to happen on that ride unless you actually ride it.

Aside from Busch Gardens, it seems like most of the greenest parks are smaller parks. Knoebels, Holiday World, and Dollywood all have beautiful green surroundings. Some larger chain parks do okay with the best of both worlds. I remember Six Flags Over Georgia being pretty green when I visited back in 2002.

I can also see Patt from A Walk in the Park’s point. You go to theme park’s for the attractions first and foremost. But if I’m asked about my favorite theme park, the first parks I think of are the most aesthetically pleasing like both Busch Gardens parks.

What’s your take? Leave a comment below. Also, see Coasterdom’s article and A Walk in the Park’s response.