Dark Knight Coaster Opens @ Great Adventure

A First Look at Dark Knight @ Six Flags Great AdventureDark Knight Coaster - Six Flags
Six Flags Great Adventure’s Dark Knight coaster is open for business. After viewing the press video that Six Flags posted on YouTube, I have to say that my prediction was right! Dark Knight’s not a groundbreaking, ultra thrill-ride, but it will be great for families and a wider age group than more intense coasters. Six Flags has refocused their attention on families because they bring in the most money. In that light, the Dark Knight coasters look to be a success.

For a Mack wild mouse, the ride looks like a lot of fun. The darkness and theming add a lot to a coaster that’s a dime a dozen these days. Kudos to Six Flags for doing some real theming for a change. Also, I applaud them for their timing with the Dark Knight movie due out this summer. Great America’s (Chicago, IL) is set to open on May 21st according to RCDB. More Dark Knight Coaster news…>>>

**UPDATE – 05-22** So I may be wrong on my prediction after all. While the video looks cool, Dark Knight’s getting some pretty awful reviews on one of my older posts. Check out these reviews of Dark Knight.

Check out this Dark Knight coaster video:

What do you think of the Dark Knight coaster? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of GADVOnline.com.