Rip Ride Rockit Layout | Universal Studios

Rip Ride Rockit Coming to Universal Studios FloridaHollywood Rip Ride Rockit’s Layout
ScreamScape has the scoop on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit’s layout. HRRR will be a massive looping roller coaster that will wind its way around Universal Studios Florida in 2009. Aside from the twisted layout, suspected to be designed by Maure Sohne, HRRR’s main distinction will be the on-board cameras that will allow riders to download a video of their ride and post it on the Web.

Recently, Universal released details on the ride’s layout. As usual, the marketing department tried to give some memorable names to the elements. Elements include: the Doubletake (The non-inverting loop), Treble Clef (an ascending high G helix into a Hi Hat stall and vertical dive), Jump Cut (spiraling negative-G camelback), Crowd Surfer (overbanked curve crowd fly-by), Drop Tuning (sideways drop into chasm), Plot Twist (sideways loop) and Chorus (high speed ground maneuvers). More on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit…>>>

Hollywood Rip Ride RockitI wish the image was a little more detailed. I’d really like to know how they’re going to pull of a ‘non-inverting loop’. We’ll just have to wait for Universal to create an HRRR Web site.

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