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Slippery When Wet at Hard Rock Park | Coaster ReviewsSlippery When Wet Coaster - Hard Rock Park
In the heart of Hard Rock Park lies one the park’s few attractions that incorporate water. Slippery When Wet (likely named after the Bon Jovi album) is a suspended coaster designed by Premier Rides. It is similar to Carowinds Flying Super Saturator and Hersheypark’s Roller Soaker. Each car holds four riders, two facing frontward and two facing backward. Unique to Slippery, the ride begins with a hydraulic elevator lift. After the four or five story climb, the car begins its winding path.

Slippery When Wet Coaster - Hard Rock ParkMeanwhile, onlookers can man large water canons and take aim at the riders flying overhead. It’s almost certain that you will get wet. Aside from the canons, the train passes through a wall of sprinkling water towards the end. As with most attractions, Hard Rock Park, adds an innovative spin to this concept. While riders are in danger of getting sprayed, they do have a way to retaliate. Every car features a green button that sends a radio signal to shower heads above the people that are using the canons. The buttons weren’t operational when I was there, but it sounds like revenge will be sweet.

Located in the Born in the USA section, Slippery When Wet is a great attraction for kids andRoller Coaster Reviews - 6.0 even adults that want to cool off. Adjacent to the coaster is Kids Rock! State Park. It’s a camp-themed area that includes rock climbing, rope bridges, forts and water play areas. Obviously, Slippery can’t compare to some of the other more thrilling rides, but it does play a nice support role and helps to round out the park’s lineup. Final Rating – 6.0 (Above Average) See the rest of my rating scale here.

Listen to what Chief Creative Officer, Jon Binkowski & General Manager Dale Kaetzel had to say about Slippery When Wet during the tour:

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