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Raging Bull’s a Bolliger & Mabillard hypercoaster from the same designers of the popular Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure and Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe. So I was excited when I arrived at Great America on a dreary day in 2006. Raging Bull has a more compact twister-style layout and I was curious how it matched up to the Nitro and Apollo’s out-and-back design.

After boarding the ultra comfortable seats and pulling down the snug lap bars, the train departs and begins a long, slow 20-story climb. At the top, the track dips a little to pull the last cars off the lift hill, then Raging Bull unleashes a 208-foot drop at 65 degrees. The train reaches speeds over 70 mph and roars through a short underground tunnel at the bottom of the hill. It’s a strong opening.Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America Next, the train soars up into a banked curve and then back down to the earth. The following hill is a perfectly executed camel back that offers the best airtime on the entire ride.

The next few turns and hills are fun, but nothing to write home about. Closer to ground now, the train enters the mid-course brake run. The train dives out the flat brake run with an immediate drop offering some good airtime. Another short drop follows that’s equally as good and the ride sets up for its finale. The twisted, low to the ground finish is another one of Raging Bull’s best moments. Most other hypercoasters spend the majority of their time in the clouds and it was refreshing to see the opposite, especially considering how fast Raging Bull is even towards the end.

Raging Bull doesn’t quite reach the level of its sister coasters in New Jersey and Virginia, but itRoller Coaster Reviews comes close. The 200′ drop into the tunnel, the speed, and the twisted finale are all strong points. The swooping turns early on were fun, but I prefer the airtime hills on similar coasters. That said, Raging Bull is top-notch and Chicagoans are lucky to have one of the four B&M hypers in the U.S. in nearby Gurnee. Final Rating – 8.0 (Great) See my complete rating scale.

Intense Roller Coasters - For Adventurous RidersRaging Bull is rated ‘IN’ for Intense. It’s a 4 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale for of its height and speed.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is my favorite ride at Six Flags Great America!! It's so smooth– which makes it so much fun. Plus, the seats are really comfortable. Most people are too scared to go on it because of the first drop– but that was the best part (and I'm not even a big roller coaster person)!

  2. Anonymous

    I liked this roller coaster the best it's fun and it doesn't throw your head all over the place. Also feel very secure with the bar that comes in front of you.

  3. momo

    I'm going to Mt. Olympus on monday and today i was fighting an inner battle about if i wanted to go on Hades or not. This was my first rollar coaster ever and after reading that it's drop is 20 stories ,way bigger than Hade's 13 stories, and going at the same speed i'm way more calm now….. thank god for this review. 🙂

  4. airtime

    Did you sit in the back row on Bull? I'm guessing not, or you would have rated it higher. The ejector air time on the opening drop is outrageous! That dip leads to cresting the hill at good speed, and you LAUNCH. I've ridden Nitro and Apollo's Chariot, and neither of them could match this result. It's the most intense air time shot I have ever encountered.

      • GCIfan

        YES!!It's definently worth it. For me, sitting in the back row is what makes it such an incredible ride. The first drop is AMAZING! If you even just watch offride footage you'll notice the rider (and their hair) flying up on that drop.

  5. Prof.BAM

    I loved Raging Bull when I was there last summer. The only real problem I found with it was the brakes, like on every other coaster, are kill-joy and in some cases, e-brakes.

  6. Piedude81

    Intense, really????? This ride I have rode and had a ton of fun on, but this is not intense, just fun. It should be thrilling on your scale, not "Intense".

  7. Michael Doyle

    It depends on where you sit. The front and the middle aren't very intense. The final two rows, however, snap you very abruptly up and over every hill and drop. From these two rows, the coaster literally drops away from you and drags you down the first hill with both intense air and ejector time.

  8. Joey Till

    Raging Bull is pretty good but i would love to see it without the trims. Great ride tho, not as good as Goliath at Georgia or Apollo. But it could be if it didnt have the brakes on the third hill.

  9. Paul

    Daughter & I rode and re-rode Raging Bull on a recent visit. Love this ride: comfortable and exciting with near-zero fade on the thrills. Terrific view from the top of the climb, fabulous drop, delightful turns and, as mentioned in the OPs review, a perfect camel back makes me laugh with the kind of joy only a high quality ride like this can elicit.

  10. Steve

    This is my FAVE ride at Six Flags Great America! Very smooth ride, always operational and lots of airtime! I love the first drop and the view from the top, and the camel hill and the “surprise” drop. I’ve been on this bad-boy many times and still enjoy it thoroughly! Enough speed and airtime!!

  11. jimmytaco

    this is my favorite in the park. those who say it has no airtime are just plain wrong. it might not have as MUCH air time as others, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it. thats like saying coke doesn’t have any sugar because it doesn’t have as much as sprite.


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