Steel Hawg Looks Loco!

El Loco Indeed | Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg Takes Shape
One of the most anticipated roller coasters of the year is taking form in Indiana. As I said shortly after the initial announcement, Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg has eye-popping inversions that border on “I didn’t know that was possible.” If they can pull it off, Indiana Beach may just have a landmark roller coaster. Check out that 120 degree first drop!

A Walk in the Park Blog has some great shots of Steel Hawg’s insanely twisted track. While not a powerhouse in the industry, S&S has a pretty good track record. They created the popular compressed air launch coasters, Doponda and Hypersonic XLC . They’re also behind ‘the other’ 4th dimension coaster, Eejanaika and the wooden gem, Avalanche in the Wisconsin Dells. Steel Hawg is based on the appropriately named ‘El Loco’ prototype.

The inversions and elements look so intense that you’d think the ride will have to be ultra-rough. But there’s really no telling how this coaster will ride until it opens and reviews start to circle around the ‘Net. Hopefully, S&S knows something that we don’t and they’ve figured out a way to deliver these unbelievable elements without giving riders concussions.

Check out this video from S&S of their ‘El Loco’ prototype:

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