Horrifying Accident at Six Flags Over Georgia, Teen DecapitatedTeen Decapitated by Six Flags Roller Coaster
A tragedy occurred at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday when a 17 year old boy was killed when he was struck by a roller coaster. Two teens had left the park for lunch and then returned. Instead of going back through the main gate they took a shortcut by jumping two six foot fences and entering a restricted area near Batman – The Ride. A clone of the ride at Great Adventure is in the picture to the right. The police report said that one of the boys jumped to try to touch the feet of the riders on the passing train. The boy was beheaded.

This is a sad story, but hopefully it will deter other kids from going into restricted areas and sneaking into theme parks. On my Kings Island trip last summer I remember seeing some teens hanging out in the woods near Top Gun. They had likely found a way to sneak into the park and were trespassing like the boys at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Below is a video of CNN’s coverage:

Have you ever tried to sneak into a park or went through a restricted area? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. The Coaster Critic

    I agree with the second poster that Jamie is insensitive to say the least, but if you post a comment with any curse words in it, it will be removed. Jamie, I'm not sure how old you are, but we've all done something stupid and possibly reckless when we were teens. The difference is we were lucky enough not to have anything tragic happen to us where this guy that wasn't the case.This incident's definitely not the park's fault, but have a heart man.

  2. Tragedy in Different

    I heard that he was going to retrieve his cap, not to touch the feet of the passengers. And did the feet of the passengers behead the boy or did the actual metal machine?

  3. Johanna Bailey

    Well I can tell you right now, I actually did the same thing at Six Flags over Georgia, but I was young and stupid and I really had no business crossing the fence. I'm sure that there have been many people that have made that same mistake and live to tell about it. My heart really does go out to his family, but sometimes you have to use a little bit of what they call, "common sense". Like I was reading somewhere where the owner of the park said, she still could not figure out why this young man would cross a forbidden territory to retrieve something that was lost.

    I was a teenager and I lost my hat on the mind train which is a roller coaster, but not as big and scary as "The Batman". I climbed the fence and I checked both ways like I was crossing the street, but still none the less it was still dangerous and right after I retrieved my hat, I was getting ready to cross back over the tracks and some of the riders saw me and reported me to the authorities and I was almost kicked out of the park, but I wasn't. So again, we have to use common sense which I did not and I was lucky but immature because that is why they put up "warning signs" to keep the rides away from "us" and "us" away from the rides plan and simple. It saddens me more that his family was there when this tragic accident occured and it makes you wonder why this young man put his family through the grief that was caused. I'm sorry that he lost his life for a hat or whatever it was he was over that fence that fateful day only he and gods knows the answer to that question, but one thing is for certain, we need to teach our children that is why they have fences up for our protection not to see how brave we are, but to protect us and keep us safe and harm. I sincerely hope that no one else tries this, because when you have 15 tons of steel coming at you at 50 mph what can you do and what can you say-nothing, not Jesus, not help not nothing, just pure silence. Whether a passengers feet or the actual ride beheaded this young man it is still sad that we have to lose someone at a very young age, for not following the rules, that is why they have on the rides-AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY! Plain and simple and if we follow those instructions we will not have to see our young ones losing their lives for nothing following the simple rules of the park.

  4. coaster lover

    True Jamie is being a little insensitive but it is the truth.The signs are not up there for no reason.

  5. Kenneth Dunbar

    Well I hope that engineering experts (so called) use their expertise to create zones of the impossible like they do for jails and penitentiaries to keep out folks with bad ideas


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