Teen Decapitated by Roller Coaster at Six Flags

Horrifying Accident at Six Flags Over Georgia, Teen DecapitatedTeen Decapitated by Six Flags Roller Coaster
A tragedy occurred at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday when a 17 year old boy was killed when he was struck by a roller coaster. Two teens had left the park for lunch and then returned. Instead of going back through the main gate they took a shortcut by jumping two six foot fences and entering a restricted area near Batman – The Ride. A clone of the ride at Great Adventure is in the picture to the right. The police report said that one of the boys jumped to try to touch the feet of the riders on the passing train. The boy was beheaded.

This is a sad story, but hopefully it will deter other kids from going into restricted areas and sneaking into theme parks. On my Kings Island trip last summer I remember seeing some teens hanging out in the woods near Top Gun. They had likely found a way to sneak into the park and were trespassing like the boys at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Below is a video of CNN’s coverage:

Have you ever tried to sneak into a park or went through a restricted area? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.