Boomerang Coaster Coming to Carowinds

Relocated Boomerang Coaster Coming to Carowinds in 2009
Carowinds 2009 Roller CoasterScreamScape has pretty much confirmed the rumors that Carowinds will be getting a relocated Vekoma Boomerng next year. The coaster is shuttle coaster that was formerly Head Spin at Geauga Lake. As with several other Geauga coasters, Head Spin will find a new home at another Cedar Fair park. Someone came across a construction company’s job site plans online. The plans show the coaster in the place of the Flying Super Saturator. So rumors of that ride being removed were true. Of course, Carowinds could just move it to another section of the park.

Now that I’m in the Charlotte, NC area, Carowinds is my new home park. After looking at the park’s lineup, this isn’t an inspired choice. They’ve got a number of steel loopers already. I’d much rather see the park add a launch coaster of any type or a hyper coaster, but I guess Cedar Fair’s got to get some use out of their pre-owned rides. Also, I doubt that Carowinds’ attendance warrants a large, expensive new attraction. I wonder what kind of press they’ll do for this if any as it’s not really a coaster that you can hype up. I won’t expect to be going to any type of big media day.

Geauga’s Orphaned Rides
Over the last year and a half, Cedar Fair has moved Dominator to Kings Dominion, X-Flight to Kings Island to become Firehawk, Steel Venom to Dorney to become Voodoo, and Thunderhawk to Michigan’s Adventure. I think there’s still a family coaster floating around out there that was rumored for Cedar Point. The ACE classic Big Dipper was sold at an auction for $5,000 recently to a private owner that won’t operate it, but wants it as a “nostalgia piece” (?). As far as I know the rest of the coasters were scrapped.

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