Kings Island Teases Fans with New Mini Site & CluesKings Island 2009 Coaster
Early guesses that the new B&M hyper coaster will be named ‘Mustang’, largely based Internet chatter and on this ‘Ride Sally Ride!’ teaser poster seen in this post, may be wrong. Kings Island’s new teaser site shows a reptilian eye that follows your mouse around the page. It also features three short videos of something moving quickly along the ground. But I can’t quite tell if it’s slithering.

The only connection Kings Island - King CobraI can make from the ‘Ride Sally Ride’ mention and this new reptilian hint, is that there’s a special edition of a Mustang called a Cobra. Kings Island also used to have a Togo stand-up coaster called King Cobra. Might this ride be King Cobra II?

The now completed water splash section (seen here) could also tie in with the reptilian creature. Alligators and crocodiles love the water, but they don’t really go with the desert video footage. Anyone know of a lizard that might fit these clues? How about the ‘Gila Monster’ coaster? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Anaconda’s love water, but sister park Kings Dominion already has an Anaconda (review) and I don’t think that name really fits a hyper coaster.

The official announcement will be made on August 6th, so we’ll find out the juicy details soon. For now check out Kings Island’s teaser page. Anyone have any guesses? Leave a comment below.

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