Laser Is Leaving Dorney Park

Laser Dorney Park SoldGet a Ride on Laser While You Can
NewsPlusNotes has reported that Dorney Park’s Schwarzkopf looper Laser has been sold. Check out this listing on UsedRides. Enthusiasts are saddened by the news. Schwarzkopf loopers are legendary. His coasters (like Minbender at Six Flags Over Georgia & Sooper Dooper Looper at Hersheypark) are dated by today’s standards, but hold a level of nostalgia for many. They’re also the only loopers that have a lapbar instead of the over the shoulder harness that Arrow and Vekoma have. This removes the issue of headbang and adds a level of fear.

No word on who bought Laser or where it will resurface. It has a portable design so it could show up anywhere even in a carnival/fair capacity. Wikipedia has more on legendary designer Anton Schwarzkopf.

What’s Your Take?
Will you miss Laser or are you happy to see it go? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.