Mustang Hyper Coaster Rumored for Kings Island

Clues Surface About Kings Island’s Hyper Coaster, Mustang
2009 Kings Island Roller CoasterRumors that Kings Island will be getting a Bolliger & Mabillard hyper coaster are looking more and more like fact. On Tuesday an article was written which pretty much confirmed the coaster. The Dayton Daily News reported on the details they were able to discern from the drawings Kings Island filed with the city of Mason Planning Department.

The plans describe a 4,200 foot long roller coaster. The article describes where it will be located: “It will span from just behind International Street and the Eiffel Tower and over the Rivertown area, between The Crypt and Potato Works and over into what appears to be a wooded area.”

2009 Kings Island Roller CoasterAt the same time, construction signs are popping up around the park that tease the new attraction. This particular construction photo (pictured right) lends some weight to the rumored name, Mustang. As in the song, “Mustang Sally”. The Dayton Daily News has photos of the blueprints. In the blueprints you can see that the new hyper coaster will feature the same staggered seating layout that debuted on Canada’s Wonderland’s Behemoth this year.

Mustang should be a great ride. At 4,200 feet, it will be shorter than the other B&M hyper coasters like Nitro (5,394 ft), Raging Bull (5,057 ft), and Apollo’s Chariot (4,882 ft). But it will feature a ride out into the woods, the aforementioned staggered seating and splash section similar to Griffon and SheiKra. So Mustang will be somewhat unique. And as with all B&M’s riders will be treated to an ultra-smooth ride.

Read the full story at the Dayton Daily News.

**UPDATE** 7/23 – Kings Island has launched a teaser page with hints on their new coaster. Read more at: Kings Island Teases 2009 Coaster

Check out this on ride video of a simulation that a coaster enthusiast made with No Limits:

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