Top 3 Top 3 Thursdays Lists

The Best of Top 3 Thursdays
For this week’s Top 3 Thursday I’m doing a ‘Best of’ post. I’m recapping my favorite Top 3’s and their number 1’s.

Top 3 Most Annoying Things at an Amusement Park
I ranted about the most annoying things I find at my favorite places to be. Number 1 was line cutters.

Line Cutters

There’s nothing worse than waiting in a long line, just to have some rude people push by you to “join their friends in the front of the line”. It’s enough to nearly ruin a visit.

I’ve decided to stop letting people cut in front of me. Somehow I manage to never have to cut in line or have my friends cut in line to join me. Ride queues are first come first serve people! If I’m in line ahead of you too bad.

The “Line Cutters Beware” T-shirt can be bought at Coaster-Net.

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Top 3 Movie Coaster Appearances
Corkscrew @ Playland Park
Final Destination 3 (2006)
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Chris Lemche, Gina Holden
The Corkscrew at Playland Park in Vancouver, British Columbia plays a major role in Final Destination 3. In reality, it’s a very tame coaster (pictured here), but thanks to a nice dosage of CG effects, Devil’s Flight is a monster of a coaster. One of the riders has a premonition of the disaster that’s about to happen so she, and several other riders are released from the train before it departs. The remaining riders experience a ride from hell. Their restraints become inoperable and they are thrown from the ride at high speeds while the coaster does more loops than you would find at an entire park.

After the ride, the surviving riders are picked off one at a time because they cheated death by getting off of Devil’s Flight before the accident. The deaths are some of the most gruesome imaginable, but it is an interesting twist on the teenage slasher flicks. Check out my full review.

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Top 3 Extreme Air Time Roller Coasters
In May 2007 I wrote about the most extreme moments of airtime on of the 150+ roller coasters I’ve ridden. My top choice wasn’t a consistent air time ride like Knoebel’s Phoenix, it was Cyclops at Mt. Olympus which offers one scary ejector-like pop of airtime.

Cyclops at Mt. Olympus
Wisconsin Dells, WI
You have to be 18 or older to ride in the back seat of the Cyclops at Mount Olympus. This must be because of the infamous drop towards the end of the ride. It’s innocent looking enough, but has been known to launch riders in the back seat. I’ve read accounts of riders landing in the lap of the rider next to them. (See Timberman’s review). These aren’t exaggerations. I experienced it myself last Summer. It was as scary as advertised launching me higher than the seat divider.

On re-rides I would stay away from the back seat, I enjoy a thrill as much as the next guy, but the airtime on the end of Cyclops coupled with the age of the ride takes this airtime past my comfort level. The subterranean monster known as Hades is also at Mt. Olympus, check out my full Hades roller coaster review.

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What’s your favorite air time moment on a roller coaster or coaster movie appearance? What’s the most annoying thing for you at an amusement park? Leave a comment below.