Diamondback to Tower Over Kings Island in 2009

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Kings Island Releases Details on Their 2009 Hyper Coaster, Diamondback

A Mile Long Journey into the Wilderness
Kings Island's Diamondback to Debut in 2009Earlier this week Kings Island, located outside of Cincinnati, OH, released details on their highly anticipated roller coaster for the 2009 season. Diamondback will be a Bolliger & Mabillard hyper coaster that will offer a high-speed ride with many drops and lots of airtime. Unlike earlier reports that described the new coaster as being 4,200 feet long, Diamondback will be massive at 5,280 feet long (a mile long). Instead of being on the smaller side of B&M hyper coasters it will be about mid-range. It will be longer than Busch Gardens Europe’s Apollo’s Chariot (4,882 ft) and Six Flags Great America’s Raging Bull (5,057 ft), but shorter than Six Flags Great Adventure’s Nitro (5,394 ft). The setting of Diamondback could help set it a part. Like Kings Island’s legendary wooden coaster Beast, Diamondback will send riders on a journey into the Ohio wilderness behind the park. It will boasts 10 drops with a first drop of 215′ and four more large drops of 193′, 131′, 129′, 110′, and 106′.

Diamondback's Splash Section - Kings Island 2009Special Seating & A Splashdown Section
Diamondback will feature the same staggered seating layout that debuted on Canada’s Wonderland’s Behemoth this year. It will also boast a splashdown section splash section similar to Griffon and SheiKra. This is a first for hyper coasters as previously this was only found on dive coasters. On those two rides, the riders don’t actually get wet. Splash sections are more for effect as it looks cool and its an innovative way to slow the train down towards the end of its course.

Kings Island Teased Diamondback
Kings Island has been teasing their 2009 roller coaster project for a while now. There was no hiding that they were working on something as construction began months ago. Then, Kings Island started to tease with clues that had enthusiasts scratching their heads. An early teaser sign that featured ‘Ride Sally Ride’ had enthusiasts sure that the new B&M would be called ‘Mustang’. Then a teaser page appeared on Kings Island’s site that hinted at a reptilian theme. Diamondback was among the names floating around the ‘Net, but the fact that Cedar Fair already had another roller coaster by that name at Frontier City kept most enthusiasts off the trail.

Diamondback – A Signature Steel Coaster for Kings Island
While Kings Island has a strong lineup featuring Beast, Son of Beast, Vortex, and the newly reborn Firehawk, die hard Kings Island fans have been waiting for their park to have a ‘signature steel coaster.’ Diamondback will easily fill this role. The ride is set to open in April 2009.

Here’s a POV video of the Diamondback at Kings Island:

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  1. Looks like a great ride. Very original name too.

  2. The first few uprights were in place when I was there on Thurs.

  3. Kings Islands fans should be excited. B&M's hyper coasters never disapoint. Diamondback should boast a super smooth and thrilling ride. I'm going to have to make a return trip next year. Kings Island's lineup is looking pretty strong now.

  4. The seating was very comfortable, almost too comfortable. The drops were fun and I liked the air time. Unfortunately Diamondback doesn't even compare to Millineum Force at Cedar Point. I also don't think it's nearly as fun as Maverick at Cedar Point.

  5. Looks like a Nitro knockoff to me, but if it's anything like Nitro, it should be awesome. (:

  6. Ya they are making so many rides just liike Nitro these days


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