Holiday World’s New Project Could be a Roller Coaster

Legend - Holiday World - Roller CoasterHoliday World Joins the 2009 Tease-O-Rama
Holiday World, located in Santa Claus, IN has a reputation as an enthusiast’s park. They officially announced their 2008 plans on YouTube last year, they’ve hosted the Golden Ticket Awards, and they even have park officials hanging out in coaster geek message boards. So, I won’t say that they’re followers by joining the current tease craze, but they’ve joined. After reporting that Holiday World is clearing space, I was sure that the clearing was for a new section, not a new coaster. But from the hints that the HoliBlog has been dropping, a new coaster is likely on its way to the Southern Indiana park.

Hints like “world’s tallest”, “The Gravity Group”, and “dropping” have the enthusiasts world buzzing with anticipation. There’s also the stated $8.4 million figure for the project. Enthusiasts’ guesses have been all over the map ranging from a B&M dive machine to a drop tower to a spinning family ride to even a launched wooden coaster!

I’m not going to claim to have a better guess myself. I do doubt that the ride will be an extreme ride like a launch coaster, dive coaster, or flying coaster. I just can’t see something really intense fitting into the overall feel of the park. Even though The Voyage is about the most intense wooden coaster around. Check out Holiday World’s HoliBlog and see if you can put together the clues.

I’m going family ride. And I like the idea of a water coaster, but I wonder if they’d have enough time for 2009 since they haven’t really been doing serious construction yet. What’s your guess? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.