Hard Rock Park Closes Early, Files Bankruptcy
In its first season of operation, Hard Rock Park has closed its doors with hopes to reopen in 2009. As the saying goes, the writing has been on the wall. Word that the park was not hitting the attendance numbers it had hoped for having been swirling around the ‘Net for months.

Many in the theme park community point to the $50 ticket price as the main reason for the park’s downfall. While I’m sure it didn’t help matters, I think the troubled economy was the x-factor that the owners could not have foreseen in the seven years leading up to this year’s opening. After visiting the park during its media day last May, I know how much time and money they put into the park. Hopefully, they can figure out a way to reopen the park and recoup some money in 2009.

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  1. The Coaster Critic

    Very true, David. One of the effects the crisis is having is that companies aren't able to borrow funds. According to the articles on Hard Rock Park's bankruptcy, they never really had enough money to advertise adequately. I'm sure this was another major factor.

  2. Anonymous

    The park unfortunately lacks a critical theme park component: rides. They only truly have 4 legitimate attractions, 2 of which were closed the day i attended. I think we can blame alot of things on the economy, but a sub par product will fail regardless.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, this does not hit family friendly stride. This is for the music enthusiast that sat up drunk/high one night and said to his buddy "WOuldn't it be AWESOME if there was a Led Zeppelin RIDE!!!" That guy has died and gone to heaven.The rest of the day was cool because I like beer and live music. A local festival would not be to terribly different from a day at the park.Also, a year pass is $150. The locals were not impressed.my $.02

  4. Anonymous

    I think that another problem is that the Waccama Pottery area is a dead zone. Nobody wants to drive that far. If there was a place near broadway at the beach that would have helped alot!


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