Six Flags America to Sell Two Face

Six Flags America’s Troubled Two Face Coaster Up for Sale
Two Face Coaster For Sale - Six Flags AmericaAfter numerous high-profile breakdowns, Six Flags America located near Washington D.C., has decided to sell Two Face: The Flip Side. With at least three break downs in only a few years, Two Face hasn’t helped the park’s already sub par image. Two face is an inverted shuttle roller coaster where riders face each other while the train navigates through three inversions forward and backward. During the last breakdown, riders were stranded 10 stories in the air for two hours.

Check out the for sale listing here. You’ll also find Six Flags Great America’s (Chicago) removed Deja Vu coaster listed. If I ever win the lottery I know where to go for some good coasters on the cheap. One has to wonder if they’ll be able to sell it or it will meet the same fate as Kings Dominion’s Hypersonic XLC and be sold for scrap metal.

What do you think of Two Face’s removal? From a theming standpoint, it kind of stinks now that the Two Face character is actually relevant again thanks to the recent Dark Knight movie. Leave a comment below.